WFH and how to make it work for you.

As we prepare to step into another year, we look forward to a world that begins to operate normally, just as it was before Covid came into our lives. While

that’s what we hope for, the truth is, most things will limp back to normalcy and some might not. Maybe, they are not required to.

Taking into consideration the way businesses have adapted to Covid-19 norms and performed better with lesser investment and operating costs, it shouldn’t be a surprise if WFH becomes permanent. Yes, WFH looks like a long term possibility, and in that scenario, it is important that every moment of Work From Home, works for the business, the workforce, and the family.

Here are some ways to ensure WFH is less taxing, less mundane, and distraction-free for the self and family:

Office location


Much like the benefits of a physical location for any office, ensuring your home office is strategically located in important. Having your desk, laptop and work-related items in the living room is a strict no-no. You have kids who keep running around and other family members wanting to either watch TV or sit and relax. Finding a spot in the bedroom or study, or any room that’s not used often and having a quiet corner with decent lighting should do the trick. This won’t just make for a distraction-free space but also set the mood and tone to work productively.

Work hours


Stick to office timings even when you’re working from home. Be it 9 to 6 or 10 to 7, ensure you stick to a schedule. Take a professional approach from your end as it also allows your family to know when you are available and when you need to focus on work. And when the lines are not blurred, work and life become easy.



Make sure you are not working on weekends, exceptions aside. Don’t let your loved ones feel that you’re over-compensating for not going to work. Create an atmosphere where everyone begins to feel that you’re doing a regular 5-day job and not much has changed, despite the circumstances.



Working from home gives you the liberty to do things in your own space and at your own pace. Avoid long and frequent breaks and try to pack in as much as you can. That way you’ll stick to timings and won’t have to stretch the working hours.

Fact is, WFH is here to stay. This is why, it’s time to put together a strategy and schedule to ensure the only thing that changes in life is the location from where you work, and nothing else. Let the output, motivation, family, life and weekends be the same.

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