Welcoming a green spring



The outside world seems great during spring. But the rising heat and dust particles can’t go unnoticed. As we await summer, it’s important to keep our homes fresh and green. As plants act as natural air purifiers and coolers, keeping indoor plants can help to a great extend to keep your abode at least 1-2 degree cooler than the outside atmosphere. And there’s much more to interior landscaping than the beauty and aesthetics.

Benefits of greens inside your house

It’s proven that indoor plants help fight the modern phenomenon of Sick Building Syndrome. They also help in reducing carbon dioxide levels, the increasing humidity, reducing airborne dust levels, keeping air temperatures down, and reduces certain air pollutant levels. It’s proven that interior plants can help to reduce background noise levels inside buildings which would eventually contribute in creating a peaceful setting inside your house.

Low maintenance plants for your indoors

A busy lifestyle leaves us with the choice to live fast. Here are a few plants which need very less attention, but work as great air purifiers. Some of these can even survive without much sunlight.

Low maintenance plants

These plants need water once in 3-4 days and survive harsh heat conditions. Boston fern and Gerbera together make an amazing couple, more like a bouquet. Moreover, having a plant is sort of a responsibility and taking care of it can improve concentration and patience.


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