Simple ideas to indulge in the festive spirit safely.

The festive season has kicked in and the air is rife with celebration, except that this year it is not out in the open (literally speaking). Many are resorting to alternatives to indulge in the festivities; be it welcoming goddess Laxmi, spreading the Christmas cheer, or ringing in the New Year, everyone is looking for ways to make it count. So, while the year may not have turned out to be as expected and things may not have gone our way, there’s still hope.

Spending the festive season by giving the celebrations a royal miss is not the only way to go about it. If seen from a different point of view, you can ring in the celebrations and still not be worried about the safety of your children and family.

By making your home the venue for all festivities. Here’s how turning your home into a festive zone can add the required cheer yet keep your family safe:

Keep it simple


First things first. Keep the celebration low-key and include only what’s necessary. Avoid the jazz that calls for bonding or physical closeness like games and indulging in dancing or drinking. Instead, maintain distance and yet turn the environment into a fun-filled one by making conversation from a distance and playing games like Antakashiri that do not require physical closeness. Even better if you sit apart and let the music or movies do the bonding!

Limited seats


Invite very few people – the ones who you think should be around for special moments. This could mean immediate family members and a few close friends. Yes, it may not be the best of ideas to follow but given the circumstances, stick to limited seats for your own good. There’s always next year for that big party you want to organize.

Avoid close contact


Welcome your guests, talk to them, serve them snacks, play music… just make sure you do not get too close to anyone for too long. Six feet distance isn’t that far a distance after all.

Maintain precaution


It doesn’t matter what others say, make sure you wear a mask at all times. Place sanitizers at the entrance, in different rooms, near the toilets and in the kitchen. Instruct your guests to use them regularly even if they aren’t touching any objects or shaking hands Just maintain precaution at all times.

Let the kids stay away


If the celebration is going to be a longer affair, let the kids have some fun for a bit. Allow them their space and time by offering them a movie or any other activity where the kids are left alone. Make sure when the kids are confined to their room, they maintain social distance, wear masks, and sanitize at regular intervals.

Well, you may not be able to celebrate without a care in the world, but you can surely celebrate every occasion. Make sure you ring in the New year with lots of positive vibes, fun and enter 2020 with utmost safety and precaution.

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