Mahaveer Property Luxury Architecture Bangalore



According to the most famous Roman architect Vitruvius, “all buildings must be executed in such a way as to take account of durability, utility and beauty.” Truthful to this statement, Romans from ages have built masterpieces, magnificent structures that stood the test of time. Romans’ love for grandeur is seen in their architecture. They contributed a lot in redefining architecture as an art form rather than just as an act of building concrete structures.

Roman architecture is inspired and adopted from Greek style, sculpture and Etruscan art. Yet, it differed from other styles because of the discovery, exploitation and experimentation of concrete and other materials. From the Greeks, they learned the use of columns and arches. They used it even when it’s not required to give buildings a traditional and familiar look. Arches are very common because it easily support the weight when it is distributed through an arch, thus reducing stress on the main structure.

Romans used architecture as a powerful tool to show Rome as culturally and financially superior. They built basilicas, triumphant arches, amphitheatres, residential blocks, acqueducts and granary buildings without losing the beauty of the new techniques they developed. The beauty of a forgotten past is recreated at Mahaveer Palatium. A palatial property that defines the future of luxury. Sprawled across 122 acres is a piece of art that portrays the greatness of Roman architecture.

Inspired from our great architectural past, Mahaveer Palatium signifies the grandeur and beauty of Rome.

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