Luxury Home Decor Styles



You know your home decor is fabulous when it completely resonates with your style and personality. Take a look at these popular interior decor styles to suit your needs and create a custom living space.


The eclectic home is all about experimenting with different styles, colours and textures. Incorporate quirky art pieces and furnitures that are from different time periods and origin. While designing the home, one must remember that eclecticism is not about using random elements. Rather, it requires one to carefully plan and select each part of the decor. Remember to use a common colour or finish to bring all the different elements together harmoniously.


This decor style is perfect for those who seek a tranquil life. Clean lines and geometric patterns define a contemporary living space. The colour palette consists of subtle tones like beige, ivory and khaki. The furniture is functional and modern-looking. Break the monotony in simplicity by adding eye-catching art pieces, light fixtures, rugs or accent walls to create a focal point that grabs attention.


A vintage home need not always mean heavy furniture or a complete overhaul of the existing decor. Take inspiration from old movies, museums or artefacts to make your home look like a paradise from another time. Place vintage plates on the wall, empty frames or a few classic clocks to easily recreate the old world charm.

Fall in love with your home all over again, with an interior decor style that defines you.

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