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The new way to look at home buying

We’re living in unprecedented times. 2020 has been a year that has changed our perspective towards most things in life. We’re shopping for masks, working from the confines of our homes, travelling with utmost precaution and making the most of technology even for the simplest of things like buying groceries. When everything around us has changed so much, it is only right that we re-look at our priorities before choosing a home too. Especially, in the context of Covid-19.
Fact is, shopping malls and cinema halls are not the most preferred weekend destinations anymore. Gaming zones and theme parks are not the places we would want to visit with our kids. Which is why, it is important to consider the following factors before signing on the dotted line and moving into a new home.



It’s time we emphasize on space. By space, we mean space for everyone. Today, we’re taking zoom meetings, our kids are flying paper planes, the elderly are watching television and dishes are being prepared – all of this is happening at the same time and in the same space – home. No wonder, it is now necessary that the home where an entire family spends so much time together, is spacious. Living rooms that are a bit larger, bedrooms that are apart from one another, a balcony to sit and work in peace; every little bit of extra space helps.



Public parks used to be the safest place for kids to play. Amusement parks used to be a monthly affair. Walking around the city used to be a healthy routine. But, that’s in the past. The outside world is less inviting now and a home that offers a plethora of amenities is the need during the ‘new normal’. Safe play areas, exciting games, a few slides and jogging tracks; homes with amenities can do wonders for kids and elders by ensuring physical fitness and peace of mind.



Community living is a great option to choose as socializing in the post-Covid world will have its restrictions. Being able to chit-chat with neighbors, organizing a small get-together in the clubhouse or being part of cultural events within the confines of the community, can all add up to a positive social experience which the outside world may not be able to offer like before.



Uncertainty is staring us in the face like never before and the last thing to expect when buying a home is a false promise, an ambiguous deal or an excruciatingly long waiting time. Choosing a trusted builder or real estate brand ensures you are in safe hands. A trusted name always comes with an undisputed legacy, a history of honesty & transparency and passion for quality.

Let’s adapt to the ‘new normal’ and ensure that we cherish every moment of living together in a home, by making the right choice.

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