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Be it the purple swamphen with its blue-green plumage, the majestic Brahminy Kite or the golden spotted Pacific plover, Puttenahalli lake in J. P. Nagar is where every respectable Banagalorean bird watcher comes, to spot and track migratory and non migratory birds. With over 80 species of birds, and a rich variety of fauna, the 13 acres of Puttenahalli lake is a spot that appears by all counts to be a bio-diverse and ecologically well preserved zone.[…]

What it certainly does not betray is the fact that due to pollution and dumping of garbage into the lake, this lake had become just another neglected water body in Bangalore. It was when the local residents got involved to build a citizen’s body that worked relentlessly to restore the lake, that this piece of land was reclaimed and this fresh water body was revived.

Living in South BangalorePuttenahalli is just another example of how the city is slowly understanding that civic consciousness is not really ‘charity’ but self-preservation; what with the soaring temperatures, degraded air and depletion of ground water.
This successful scenario where citizens have managed to drastically beautify and cleanse their neighbourhood is not hard to imagine in JP Nagar, where residents frequently connect with each other and a sense of community is strong.

JP Nagar has retained a part of the old school charm that south Bangalore is famous for. With Ranga shankara, Aurobindo Ashram, Jamia Masjid, a mini forest, lakes and parks; this region is a perfect marriage between natural and cultural diversity. This is why JP Nagar is home to so many star actors, singers and artists.
Mahaveer Sitara which is optimally located in the fifth phase has all amenities along with the best healthcare that is available in Bangalore, in its vicinity. With its proximity to the lake and the mini forest, you can take your child for a walk amidst butterflies and birds. This fundamental link to nature is something that has become imperative to inculcate in children and adults alike.

While the rest of Bangalore has been growing at a pace that hardly seems sustainable, JP Nagar and the rest of south Bangalore offers a luxuriously steady pace of development, while retaining a lifestyle that is cosmopolitan. This explains the sudden shift in home buying towards this area. The south is a touchstone for a life that still prioritizes nature, community and art.

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