Pet Friendly Mahaveer Homes Bangalore



It’s obvious that every human being needs an abode. And it’s more than obvious for pet lovers that it should be pet friendly. Our four legged friends find it a bit difficult to adjust to the new environment, but it’s important to make them feel comfortable. It will be equally difficult for them to get used to the flooring and other settings.

What to do and what not to do

If your pets have thick and long fur, it’s important to consider laminate flooring or ceramic tiles as this will keep the floor cool. Pets with long nails will find it difficult to walk on these polished surfaces. Having area rugs can help in this case by avoiding slipping. It’s sometimes impossible to cover up all the fur. A tip to this can be opting for the same upholstery colours as your pets’ fur. Constant vacuuming can help to keep your floors and rugs clean, but having the same colour rugs as your pet’s fur help in reducing the constant effort. It is good to keep temporary measures as well. Such as having a spare bed sheet to cover the couch while your pet is on it.

Except the above mentioned tips, creating special atmospheres can help in increasing their curiosity and positivity. Having a canopy bed or a cat perch will increase their happiness and make them feel wanted and special. After all, they have a short life span and we are responsible to give them the good life on the earth. Always remember that abandoning your pets while moving into a new place will not make you heroic. A few changes will make them feel comfortable and that’s they want for making our lives lively.

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