Mahaveer House Decor Aroma


Essential aroma

Home is a place where we do every possible comforting act. This just means that we are comfortable there and are in our own little world. It doesn’t mean that it’s the same for your guests. The first things you notice while entering a house is the smell, or in some cases, the aroma. It’s obvious that no one wants to spend time in a smelly apartment.

Why is aroma important?

Aroma literally means a pleasant odor arising from a spice, herb or food. The need of aroma is well known through aromatherapy. It is the usage of plant materials and aromatic essential oils for improving psychological or physical well-being. Even though there are no medical evidences that it can prevent or cure diseases, but it is proven that it can help to improve general well-being.

Following are few tips to make your abode smell great.

Scented candles: These are available in all shapes and colours. Select few which goes with your taste. Bee wax candles are a great choice as they give off a light honey scent. But you can’t let them burn when you are not around and at these times, you could use a reed diffuser. These are cheap and smart options and you can even make it at home.

Indoor plants: Yes, they do help the purpose of making your home smell nice as they act as natural air purifiers. The best options to keep in are jasmines, orchids and lilies. Palm is another great option but can’t be suggested for small living spaces.

Simmer pots: They help to create a nice fragrance inside your abode. All you have to do is add few of your favourite herbs or spices to boiling water and keep it on sim for a while. You will smell the subtle yet calming fragrance filling your house. Few ingredients for simmer pots can be, bay leaves, few drops of vanilla, cinnamon sticks, cloves, orange peels etc. A combination of few won’t make you feel disappointed.

Now that you know the tricks, try it and feel the difference. Aromas have the ability to lift your mood and of course, no one wants their house to smell like last night’s dinner.


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