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Home Safe Home

Mahaveer homes are very well thought out and designed to ensure your safety. However upon occupancy, you may tend to make additions that might not be safe for the inhabitants.

Always ensure to equip the house with safety measures in-order to avoid any hazards. Home safety awareness is a vital aspect of healthy living and one must make sure that they are in terms with the potential dangers surrounding them.

Let us walk you through the hazards that may occur in your homes.

1. Falls: Injuries due to falls are the most common household hazards. As per statistics one out of five older adults who fall incurs a bone injury. Potential causes for falls are wet floors, slippery stairs, scattered toys and sharp objects. You can reduce the risk of falling by ensuring the following :

-Non-slip stickers are put outside the shower, or on any wet floor.
-Balance-assist bars, which can be placed in the bath area/shower. Extra bars can also be added to provide extra support to older family members
and others who need additional help.
-Keep away skateboards, and toys in a safe area where family members and visitors won’t trip on them.
-Always mop away a spill and don’t leave the water stagnant.
-Give young children your full and undivided attention when they are in and around water.

2. Fires: Fire injuries are considered to be one of the most dangerous kinds and must be very diligently checked on a regular basis. Families are encouraged to practice home fire drills and take advantage of tools and resources offered at Mahaveer properties to ensure safety.

-Check for gas leaks and ensure your gas cylinders are kept away from electrical appliances.
-Ensure to always check if your home has been installed with smoke alarms and reach out for help if you sense a problem. Test the batteries every six months.
-Learn how to use your fire extinguisher.
-Always keep your children 3 feet away from anything hot, like candles, heaters, lighters and stove-tops.
-Never play with lighters or matches when you are with your children; they may try to imitate you.
-Always keep a distance between flammable objects (papers, curtains, plastics, etc.) and fire sources (oven, stove top, portable heater, etc.)
-Ensure electrical cords aren’t draped across other appliances or the counter or stove top.

3. Other Hazards: Apart from the above listed hazards and potential dangers, there will be many objects in your homes that can be dangerous to your family members.

-Keep all medicines up, away and out of sight of children.
-Be alert to medicine stored in other locations, like pills in purses, vitamins on counters and medicine on nightstands.
-Store all household cleaners and other toxic products out of children’s sight and reach.
-Mahaveer homes are equipped with window guards, however ensure to check for window stops to you keep your children from falling out of windows.

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