A home is a home is a home….

Owning a home is a dream come true for many. A lot of us work hard, invest all our savings and even pay EMIs for an entire lifetime, just to own a homethat we feel is one of the most important possessions for us as a race.
However, once we own a home, the passion and the joy of home slowly begins to fade and that’s probably when every home begins to look and feel the same. The same living room setting everywhere, the same bedroom furniture everywhere, the same prayer room feel everywhere, you get the drift… Coming to think of it, after having spent so much time, money and energy in owning a home, should you be spending an equal amount of everything to make it unique, to give your signature look.
The answer is, you certainly should.
Here are a few ways through which you can turn your home into a unique abode and not just another apartment that is in the midst of a community where everything begins to look the same.

Handmade items


One of the best ways to turn your home into a unique piece of art is to create little pieces of art by yourself. Using ideas, recycled items, paints, wooden pieces and a lot more, you can create small but beautiful items that add to the charm and beauty of your home. Good thing is, they’re created by you and therefore will be unique.



Play with every facet of your home. Break all norms and see things differently. Should the couch be placed that way only? Is there a better way to beautify walls? Do curtains have to be plain and boring? If you open your mind to new ideas, shapes and sizes, you’ll soon see your home turn into a piece of art, all crafted by you.



Living in a rented home has its pros and cons. However, the most dreadful thing to experience is to keep shifting homes and make new friends and neighbors, some of who might not be very accommodating! When you live in your own home and so do your neighbors, at least your circle and community is fixed. The feeling of belonging and security is stronger when you own a home and live in one place forever.



Most often, homes have dull colors as many homeowners do not experiment with options. Adding the right colours through painting, art pieces, curtains, furniture and a few other things can bring the required freshness to your home, making it truly one of a kind, just like you.

Your home is yours and it is unique. So, put in all the effort you must to make it look and feel different. After all, it’s the place live in every day, every moment.

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