Home Decor Trends We can Look Forward to in 2017



A wood cabin or mansion, comfort is not the only thing we look forward for in our dream home. It is a prestige issue when it comes to home decor. The better it looks, the better you feel about your own identity. 2015 and 16 saw decor trends which added value to the look and feel of our homes. With cool greys and quote art we decorated our homes. Pinterest and Instagram served as look books and we were not disappointed by the results. ‘Do it yourself’ trend changed the way we looked at home decor making each one of us an artist. But it’s time for a change. And 2017 will see new trends which are going to give us a whole new pantone experience.

The royal velvety

If 2016 was more about cool greys and neutral hues, 2017 will see the beauty of bright royal colors. Velvet made its entrance to home decor by the end of 2016. What gives it the elegance and royal look is the texture and softness. And these two are a must when it comes to home decor. This velvety feel can do wonders to your upholstery and curtain works. With different types to consider like Embossed, Crushed, Chiffon velvet and Burnout, possibilities are numerous with this material.

What else can do the magic

2017 home decor trends ask us to ditch cool greys, neutral hues, and overly industrial furnitures. Vintage and retro are two styles we follow blindly for its beauty and elegance. And this time around there is no looking back as it will go well with the color and material trends. Mixed patterns made their grand entrance in 2016 fall shows. And this trend already made its way to home decor. In terms of finishes, 2017 welcomes faux finishes. Faux leather counters, faux foliage and manufactured grey floors will give your home a brand new look. Faux materials will have a strong impact on home decor as it is classy and budget friendly.

2017’s pantone experience

‘Greenery’ is the color of the year and Navy Blue replaces Black. Experts even say, ‘Navy is the new Black.’ The beauty of Navy is that it gives a modern twist with a traditional feel wherever it is used. It adds a feel of mystery to a space without making it smaller. Raw White is preferred when it comes to embellishments, as it shows the beauty of imperfection, adds a natural and organic feel rather than making it look sterile. 2017’s decor design motto can be summed up as “less is more”.

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