go green save green & live green


Go Green, save Green and Live Green!

“We are living on this planet as if we had another one to go to”- Terri Swearingen

We are all busy living our life that hardly we get any time to ponder on the consequences of all that we are doing right now. This is the foremost reason why the cries for saving the environment and planet has ever been increasing. And it still is. The selfish motives of human beings have led to a crack in the normal functioning of this universe, that’s what we can conclude. It’s high time we should focus on the need to save Earth and ‘Go Green’, to save it for the generations yet to come.

And the question is how and when?

Better late than never. The planet has already been deteriorated in many ways with the heedless actions of us, humans. It’s time to focus more on bringing life back to nature. There are many ways by which we can easily make an impact. By planting more trees, by using resources in a better and efficient manner and by switching to energy conservation methodologies. Let’s ponder on few factors that can aid us in sustaining life on earth.

Green Buildings to Go Green

The advancements in technology and the rise of industries and constructions have a much bigger role in the devastation of nature. The ever-growing population and the need to accommodate people within a safe home has led to chopping of the trees and plants and is the sole reason for killing our environment. The sustainable or ‘Green building’ design and construction is an ideal way to get rid of the complications in disturbing life in nature. It incorporates environmental safety into every phase of construction, everything from design to adorn it with luxury. This can prevent the use of artificial materials in construction and makes use of natural materials.

Think before you act

Before you go out and plan to buy something, give it a thought, if you really need to get the thing? Will it be an addition to the already existing bunch of trashes? That’s why it is said that ‘always think before you act’. We are witnessing the fact that the cost of the energy resources are getting hiked each year as it is getting exhausted faster. The overuse of oil and gas, petroleum products and all this has resulted in an increase in the amounts of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, production to 21.3 billion tonnes. By better utilization of the resources and shifting your focus to natural resources, the production of harmful gases can be eliminated.

Is there a better way out there?

Is greening our own lifestyle a better way to resurrect the dead planet? This draws our attention to the limited utilization of private vehicles so that the fumes and smokes produced would be lesser each day. Going green in transportation can indeed be helpful as there will be less pollution and less emission of harmful gases. It can reduce or even eliminate the ever-growing health issues associated with the outflow of exhausts.

Live smart and Save World

In order to save the world and make it a better, clean place to live, we need to put many efforts. The “three R’s” almost act as lifesavers of the planet, making it greener. Reduce, Recycle and Reuse that should be our motto always so that we live in a much better place with better utilization of resources. Let’s wish and pray that the earth sustains for a much longer time than what we can comprehend

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