Four reasons why owning an apartment changes your life

The world today has changed by leaps and bounds. What was once considered an aspiration or a need has today become an option. Take for instance, the concept of owning a car. Back then, owning a car was among the top priorities for most people but after the entry of car aggregators and their excellent service backed by the latest technology, owning a car is no more on the priority list. Well, why would it be, when you can have a luxury car pick you up right at your doorstep at the tip of a finger? No investment, no down payment, no insurance issues, no headaches!

Well, sounds good.

But the same may not be applicable to everything. Especially, when it comes to owning a home. Here’s why owning a home was, is and will always be on top of the list, irrespective of the drastic changes that we are experiencing around us every day.

It’s your home


Nothing comes close to the feeling of owning a home. When you own one, you decide where to hit the nail. You decide what colours you would like to see every day when you get back. You decide whom to invite home and whom not to. Point is, when you own a home, you call the shots and live the way you want! In other words, you get the freedom to do your thing! A feeling that is second to none.



One of the biggest challenges in owning a home is to ensure the EMI is taken care of, and this is one of the reasons why most people back out. But, if seen from a practical perspective and with some logical-mathematical thinking, paying an EMI is as good as paying rent. Well, no matter what, you’ll have to live in a home and pay the rent. So, why not pay that as EMI? Fact is, when you pay EMIs you are not paying that money to anyone else but investing in a home that is yours. Right?



Living in a rented home has its pros and cons. However, the most dreadful thing to experience is to keep shifting homes and make new friends and neighbours, some of who might not be very accommodating! When you live in your own home and so do your neighbours, at least your circle and community is fixed. The feeling of belonging and security is stronger when you own a home and live in one place forever.



To live free from stress and take risks in life, stability plays an important role. Whether it is changing jobs or making a second investment, when you are backed by the stability of owning a property that has only been appreciating over the years, you can and will have the willingness to take life’s challenges head-on. Simply put, you’ll find ways to push the envelope and do things that are want to.

Truth is, owning a home has many advantages. What’s mentioned above are just a few key benefits that will put your life on track and in a comfortable zone. If you’re one of those reluctant prospective homebuyers weighing the pros and cons of making any investment of a lifetime, now you know what to do!

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