Five Interesting Design Ideas That Will Uplift Your Living Room

A living room is what defines your home as it is the heart of a house. After all, a living room gives the first impression to guests and it is the place where we spend most of the time in a day. Living room deserves a little bit extra from our side to make it worthwhile.

Check out various designs, colours, patterns and styles that can elevate the living room. Decor your living room and give the makeover it deserves.

Here are some of the ideas for your living room:

Colourful seating arrangement


Play around with colours and get the place grooving to the tune. Make the place vibrant with bold colours that match the walls. Pick the right chairs, sofas, barstools and tables that add to the mood. Also, choose the right colours for the walls which can set the tone instantly.

Wall art

Wall-art (1)

The large-scale wall arts always add to the home decor and such arts are the first thing you should be locking in. You can get some of the incredible artworks that definitely elevate the place. The right artwork can easily change the entire look of the living room just like that. Have no second thoughts when it comes to artwork. However, make sure you pick the right artworks which strike a chord with your home.

Lighting in the room

Lighting-in-the-room (1)

Lighting plays a crucial role in the overall setting of the living room. It can make or break the outlook of the house. You can also go for smart lights for easy handling. Make the most of the options available and find the right fit for your living place.

Cushions and pillows


The cute cushions and pillows are not just good looking, but also add to the comfort factor. Guests feel at home thanks to the feel-good factors of cushions and pillows. Simply flip the covers of cushions and pillows when you are bored with the old styles and designs. It’s time to have fun with comfy cushions and pillows.

Experiment with the pattern

Experiment-with-the-pattern (1)

Don’t hesitate to try different patterns and go with your instincts. However, consider seeking expert advice for perfection. The professionals will help you to come up with the right patterns. Be careful with the colour combination for a flawless layout.

Don’t worry about the rights and wrongs when you are designing the pattern. Have a skeleton design and consult professionals before the final output. Look into various designs before sketching out your own or just choose the best designers and discuss the ideas with them.

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