Dramatic White



White is one of those colours that many homeowners fear, however this colour can be the most refreshing colour and evoke purity, confidence and sophistication.

One of the best reasons of working with the colour white is the ability to exhibit your own personality in your interiors. If you have artwork, displaying it on an all-white wall will give it the kind of attention it deserves, you may even put up tiny artefacts on a white mantle or do up your room with a floral touch, all because a white background really gives life to the things that may slightly be dull to look at.

Another thing about white is that it lets you be versatile all throughout the year, you can throw in all kinds of wacky shades, rustic tones of red, yellow, and burnt amber. You can add-in fancy pillow-covers, loud curtains and retro bed linen to create a seasonal home that is versatile and welcoming all year around. In summer time an all-white interior is cool and refreshing and surprisingly you may never need colours at all. A white backdrop also encourages nature lovers to be creative with garden maintenance and the art of doing up a balcony or a large living room with swirly creepers.

Ever thought about how you could cover up architectural mishaps, exposed mechanical ducts, or sight blemishes in the wall? White can camouflage the defects and make it look classy to the eye. In older homes, white can help highlight gorgeous crown moulding and craftsman details can be highlighted with gorgeous white. Also unlike your belief, white sofas aren’t as scary as you think. As long as you find one with a slipcover form, it’s easy to treat and wash spills and spots.

Go ahead and try embrace to a minimalistic look for a change instead working hard to bring colour, clutter and chaos to your home.

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