Mahaveer Homes Budget Friendly Decor



How to prioritise spending for your home decor

We all love a little bit of extravagance, especially when it comes to our homes. But going large on interior decorations need not burn a hole in your pocket. Working on the interior decorations of a home on a budget is all about prioritised spending. Here’s how you can turn your room into a beautiful abode:

Less is more

Budget or no budget, the beauty of clean, simple lines and an organic living space is soul satisfying. A minimalistic decor is all about carefully curating your rooms with only those pieces that enhance the overall look. There is no room for superfluous furniture. Invest in multi-functional pieces and use natural materials to pull-off this style.

Light it up

Evaluate the areas in your home that lack natural light or the spots that can be enhanced with proper lighting. LED lights are very energy efficient and last longer than normal light bulbs. Moreover, they can be used with light fixtures that come in a plethora of shapes and sizes. Light coloured walls and window curtains allow more natural light in the room, making it look bigger.

Add a gallery wall

Choose a wall in the room to display your favourite paintings, photographs, typography. Let your love for art dictate this wall. Use different types and sizes of artworks in decorative, bold frames to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your room. Monochrome photographs that capture your most-loved moments could be a great way of adding a personal touch.


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