Bringing in Life and Light to Your Rooms



We are blessed with plenty of natural resources which we barely use. We do consider them when we are is search for a pocket friendly alternative for some of our daily needs. One such resource is sunlight. CFLs and energy saver lighting are good, but why to waste money on electricity bills. As we move to ready to live houses, we cannot change the whole design. And this is why we need alternate ideas to bring in a little light in our houses.

Reflect the feel

Even if your house interior is a bit dull, you can reflect in some light. Having skylights and French windows will be a good idea. But this will be applicable only if you are moving to a house which is designed according to your preferences. Reflecting light, which was introduced long back by architects as a lighting option can suite for houses which get very less sunlight. A technique similar to channelizing wind, this idea will save energy and will bring in some positivity.

Technology for the rescue

Technologies that use optic fibers will decrease your power usage during daytime. The fixtures are easily available and this one-time investment will save a big digit for you. The optic fibers are coated with UV resistant material which makes sure that an excess amount of heat will not flow into the house. These lights are capable of giving a stable lux level compared to the direct usage of sunlight. That way it will be of great help for study areas and office spaces and even reading nooks.

Why you should have direct contact to sunlight? This is an interesting question and there are many answers. It increases our positivity, but is also good for health. The risk of UV rays are less when you use the above technology. It is proven that direct sunlight in rooms can kill germs and bacteria which can cause common cold and allergies. The greatest source of Vitamin D, studies show that sunlight is essential for everyone’s well-being.

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