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Having one or more mirror in your room wouldn’t make you self-obsessed. In fact, this utility decorative item has changed the way we see ourselves. A big mirror in your bedroom makes it look larger with the wide reflective surface and also brighter. Choosing a mirror for your room is not a big deal when you are thinking only about a square or a rectangle one. But what’s trending right now is geo-style mirrors which will add up an artistic feel for your interiors. Hawaii mirrors or just simply free form mirrors are also on the top of trend list.

Hawaiian affair

When it comes to mirrors they say, ‘wider the better’. It not only just add up to the room space, but also act as an accessory. Hawaii style or the free form mirrors are for the ones who like curvy and flowy designs. A combination of 3 or more free form mirrors will do the magic for your interiors. Try adding some elements in between the space left by these mirrors to get a very elegant and lavish feel. The shapes of the mirrors can be as random as possible without affecting the utility purpose of it.

Geo-style and room decor

Geo-style is for the perfectionist or rather the one who likes minimalism. Even though 2017 is more about ornamental designs, minimalism is still in the scene with a great support from perfectionists. What works well will be different geometrical shapes with altered side angles. Play around with different sizes and shape. You can try giving it a different color border or even designs would do.

A bit more of anything is not very pleasing. And this applies in terms of room décor as well. Make sure the light setting in your room would allow you to have the desired number of mirrors. Keep an eye on reflection as this is really important to maintain the balance of overall look and feel.

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