When it comes to dressing up your room, you need to add extra care. This décor is either going to add up to the beauty or going to completely kill it. A curtain is not just a utility these days. It has become an important element of interior décor. Even if you want a minimalist outlook or a dramatic feel to your room, you can easily set this mood by draping your windows properly. Here’s a checklist that can help you pick the right curtain.

Custom made or ready-to-use?

When the ready-to-use ones are easy on your pocket, the range and styles will be limited. If you are looking for curtain just for the utility purpose, then readymade ones will be the right pick. Custom made or tailor-made curtains are for the ones who believe in adding an aura to their interiors. While it depends on your personal tastes, it’s important not to overdo it. Selecting colours, textures and fabric can be tricky. But it’s worth giving a try if you don’t want to hire a designer just for this.

Selecting the fabric, colour and patterns

It’s important to understand the natural lighting of your room before selecting the fabric and colour. Select a fabric which is not too stiff and not too light. The drapes will not look great if you end up having a stiff and heavy curtain fabric. And a very light fabric can give a messy look to your indoors. If your room gets a good amount of ambient light, it’s smart to avoid a dark colour fabric as the colour tends to fade with bright light. Pastels and light colours will work great and add a sense of warmth inside the room. Linen, velvet, and silk will give the best drapes and are suitable for any rooms, but keep an eye on the colour selection. You can try sheer curtains for a minimalist look, heavy silk or velvet for a formal or luxury feel, linen for a casual feel. If you want to block the light completely, lined curtains will help. But if you are looking for a casual decoration, unlined ones will do the work.

Choosing the size

The height of the curtain depends on the purpose of it in a particular room. There are many types of curtains to choose from according to the height. Valances, swag, brushing the window sill, brushing the floor, breaking the floor, and pooling the floor are 5 major types of which valances are short pieces which will measure 10-15 inches. Brushing the window sill will reach right above the window sill, brushing the floor will reach the floor but will not touch the floor, breaking the floor will have 3-4 inches covering the floor, pooling the floor will have more than 5 inches covering the floor giving it a luxurious feel.

The width depends on the width of the window. The combined width of the curtain should be 2 to 2 ½ times the width of the window. But if you like to block all rays that enter your room you can add more inches to the sides.

Accessories and care

Accessories are as important as the fabric and drape. There are many types of rods to select from to hang your curtains like, classic rod, return rod, tension rod, track rods etc. And when it comes to tiebacks, you can have anything that looks good and goes with the colour of your curtains. A pretty lace, ribbons, ropes with tassels etc can be considered.

A curtain is a cloth on display for anyone who enters your house. Keeping it clean is important. Prefer dry cleaning as this will not affect the colour and texture of your fabric.

Now, that’s a lot to remember before heading to the store. But at least you know what to look for.



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