8 Easy Tips To Gift Yourself The Cosiest Bedroom

We all spend our time in the bedroom to relax and that is the place we can just hang around comfortably. Since we count most of the hours in a bedroom it makes sense to keep it tidy and special. Remember, a bedroom is not just a place to sleep and get dressed. You will be surprised to know how beautiful this place can indeed be with a little effort from you.

It doesn’t need drastic changes. All you need to do is just make some tweaks and alterations to make your bedroom cosy. Below are some of the tips that  will assist you in this regard:

Knitted Blankets


The moment we talk about getting cosy, the first thing that pops into our mind is a blanket. Blankets keep us warm and cosy with its tenderness. Having a knitted and oversized blanket offers delightful comfort to enjoy. It’s time to get a special blanket that pampers you.

Plenty Of Pillows


You just cannot ignore the cute pillows if you are discussing comfort. The more you have, the better it is. Have no second thoughts and get yourself colourful and soft pillows for some special treatment. You can choose different shapes and designs to make it exciting.

Reading Corner

reading corner

This one is for all those avid readers who like to spend time reading their favourite novels. Create a cosy reading nook with a cool armchair, a small rug, a tea table and of course, a set of your favourite books. You get some brownie points if you can add a cute lamp and a soft pillow into the mix.



The magical candles definitely don’t get enough credit for its presence. Candles are a must to add mood and flavour to your room. You can have any candles to add cosiness, but the scented ones come with a gift lovely aroma to make it special. Simply pick your favourite candle and add essence to your bedroom.



Pick the right lighting to set up the right atmosphere and mood while you are in the bedroom. It need not be extravagant. Even a simple bedside lamp or a lamp with a cool design would work wonders. Yes, it is that simple and that is why you should give it a try.

Colourful wallpapers


Colours have a significant role in dictating our room and hence you should be careful with them. Settle for relaxing and uplifting colours for your bedroom. You can choose your favourite colour if that is what makes you feel good. Pick the right wallpaper to make the most of your space.



The curtains certainly have a crucial part to play in the process of making a bedroom warm and cosy. Opt for sheer, linen curtains in light colours and try to hang them above the window as it makes the wall appear taller.



You just cannot leave out plants as they are the most beautiful decor a room can exhibit. Make space for plants and reap rewards of freshness. You can choose a few of your preferred plants and have them in the bedroom. It’s time to go green!!

The bedroom can make or break your day and that is why you should be treating it with some love and care. Your effort will surely not go waste as you will be experiencing something amazing every time you step into your bedroom. Are you ready to give your bedroom a cool makeover?

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