6 Factors Of Home Decor That Can Have An Impact On Your Health And Mood

Yes, that’s absolutely right. There are few home decors and designs that can have an impact on your health and mood. Ensure you take proper care and get into the details when you are planning on your home. Just scroll down to know more about what we are discussing.

Colourful home


Well, who doesn’t like colours? The sight of vibrant colours can instantly lift your mood and the same goes to your home. Take care when you are deciding on the colours as they can trigger emotions and feelings. According to the colour psychology, vibrant and bright shades are uplifting, strong, and enhance engagement & communication.

Lighting factor


We all know that lighting can set the tone when we are at a party. Similarly, even your home needs the perfect lighting to set up your mood. The natural lighting is the best you can get to be in a positive frame of mind. It can also double up as a natural steriliser. The lighting through the evenings and nights may decide how the mood progresses and whether it enhances happiness or increases sadness and anxiety.

The Size of your home.


Naturally, you would want your place to be comfortable and spacious. The cramped spaces can affect people in a significant way. Especially, the walls and ceilings have a major role in shaping an individual’s mind and his/her in-depth perception. You tend to be more creative and focused while you are in a wider and spacious room.

Furniture shapes and textures


The ancient practice of Feng Shui tells us that the shapes and textures of furniture you have in a home should match natural elements to bring a sense of calmness mentally. The presence of stone elements on flooring and walls signify health. The arrangement of furniture is also imperative. Don’t flood in your space with unnecessary furniture just because they are expensive.

Don’t forget the aroma


Not many consider this aspect while deciding on their home decor. However, smell plays a major role in boosting your mood and can help you have a pleasant stay in your room. Good ventilation can carry the scent all over. If you have plenty of space, then make sure the aroma sets the tone for the day.

Plants and greenery in the home


It’s great to have plants and some greenery around in your home. It brings a sense of freshness and peace into the room. There are plants that you can grow inside your home that will help you be in a great mood throughout the day.

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