5 Cheeky Must Have Gadgets To Turn Your Home Into A “Smart” Home

Technology has certainly taken over most of the aspects of our life and it is here to stay. While the technology has started to spread all over, why should our homes stay back? You have to know about some of the cool gadgets to give your home a tech-savvy makeover.

Without further ado, let’s slide in and discover things that will turn your home into a ‘smart’ home:

Voice-Controlled Devices


The voice-controlled devices can now do more than just play music. You can consider the device as your assistant. These devices assist you by setting alarms, controlling lighting and give you updates. They also alert you during unusual happenings in the home. Time to turn up your volume and bring your assistant in action!!

Smart Lighting

Smart-Lighting (1)

You can save plenty by installing smart lights in your home. Connect the lighting with the sensors, dimmers and wireless control to begin your saving journey. You can set your lights to turn on and turn off according to your schedule. Smartphone enabled lighting system is also a choice you could consider for seamless operation.

Secure router


Securing your router is as important as securing the lock of your door. Change the password once you receive the router from service providers. Avoid using your birth date, phone number and other easy guessable options. Also, make sure to regularly upgrade your security software to keep the device safe from new threats, such as spying tools and viruses.

Smoke Detector


Upgrade your smoke detector to guarantee safety. Choose smoke detectors that are not just long-lasting but also app-friendly. The smoke detectors inform you about the increased temperature at a certain place in the home as a heads up. They can also connect you to the local police station and fire stations for quick action.

Smart Doorbell


A quirky doorbell should definitely be on the cards when you discuss smart homes. You can answer the door even when you are not at home thanks to the smart doorbell. It also shows that you always have an eye on the house, which reduces the chances of burglary. You can also get alerts when the little ones try to sneak out without your permission.


It’s time to turn your home into a smart one for the safety of your family. Most of the gadgets are easy to use and also affordable and hence it would be a wise decision to transform your home. Upgrade your home and lead a stress-free life.

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