Luxury House and Furniture Trends



2016 was all about brushed metal and oversized furnitures. The year upon us will bring back the charms of the yesteryears complete with a unique modern touch. Smart, space efficient and comfortable. These are the words that will dictate the furniture trends of 2017.

Artisan-crafted furnitures versus the factory-produced

“Home is the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned”, says Maya Angelou, the renowned poet. Our homes are an extension of our personalities. 2017 will see a lot of hand crafted unique furniture pieces that combine value for money. Artisan-crafted furniture will be seen as an investment. To suit individual tastes, people will move away from factory-produced furniture and opt for high quality personalised decor.

Retro modern fabric

Oversized geometric patterns and quirky retro-inspired designs are here to stay. Fabrics that take inspiration from the 70s and the 80s will dominate our living spaces. Velvet and faux leather sofas and counters will be preferred by those on the lookout for comfort and luxury combined into one. Retro modern will be the go-to option for those who love the glamour of classics and practicality of the new age.

Cerused wood

Cerusing is a technique that uses a wire brush to bring out the natural grain of wood. This can give the furniture a weathered look. Darker woods like Mahogany feel heavier and are on the way out. Furniture crafted in cerused oak or birch give a lighter and more modern look that blends in perfectly with the naturalist theme of 2017. This trend will most likely be seen on cabinets, tables, chairs and storage furniture.

Go ahead, refresh your living spaces and challenge your creativity. These three trends will allow you to furnish your home without a drastic rebuild. Let your decor speak for who you are.

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