Double your investment with Mahaveer's Buy-Back Offer

Bangalore, Silicon Valley of India, remains one of the best real estate bets of all. As one of the fastest growing cities in Asia Bangalore’s real estate sector offers prudent investment opportunities. Now Mahaveer Group gives you more reason to cash in on Bangalore’s real estate boom. Mahaveer Buy-Back offer. It allows you double your investment on a Mahaveer Project of your choice after a period of just 3 years, earning 33% annual interest as well.

Mahaveer’s Buy-Back offer allows you to own a Mahaveer home with just 10% down payment (subject to terms and conditions). Mahaveer Celesse on Bellary Road; a prestigious project is offered under Buy-Back scheme. You get to own your dream home in these Projects with no Pre-EMI for 3 years. In case you decide to sell your home after 3 years instead of retaining it, Mahaveer guarantees to buy it back from you at double the down payment you make today. Thus, both, your investment remains safe with Mahaveer and you earn assured returns as well.

As this Offer comes with all applicable approvals and legal clearances you have a risk-free investment here. As a prudent investor, you cannot afford to miss out on this opportunity.