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Mahaveer Group is synonymous with quality homes, with landmark projects dotting the cityscape of Bangalore. A flagship initiative of Reddy Structures Pvt. Ltd., Mahaveer has earned a reputation as one of South India's largest and most specialized real estate companies. The company has a string of successful...

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Girish. S.G

Toyota Boschoku IndiaEngineer

We newer thought that we would book a flat and that has always been a dream. Ever since we saw some of the successful ventures of Mahaveer, we were pretty much interested. We attained confidence in Mahaveer in terms of quality, payment terms and relaxation and most importantly the budget that we were looking for. Thanks to Venkat who has been very helpful during entire process of purchasing and for his support towards loan processing. Apparently we ourselves are convinced in buying an appartment (Flat No 327) in Mahaveer Rhyolite during the pre-launch offer and we booked it. Today We are very happy that we booked this appartment much in advance and its worth it. Thanks to Mahaveer for bringing my dreams come true.

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